Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Why the Motto Is "Keep the Faith"

Thank you, Jason Varitek. This team has gone from trying to break up a perfect game to making a run at winning this game. On the positive side, this will force the Yanks to use their bullpen--and expose Tanyan Sturtze. Tom Gordon's got a bum eye from taking a cork to the noggin after the Yanks beat the Twins, and Mariano Rivera just got to the ballpark at 9:00 after flying back from Panama.

What I like so much about this team is the persistence. Other Sox teams blow 6-1 leads (like the Sox did Friday against the Angels) and lose the game; these guys came back and won. They may not win this game, but they have made it competitive. And that is the kind of feeling I want them to take into Game 2.


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