Sunday, October 24, 2004

Takin' Care of Business

The bullpen did its job, although Timlin looks like his arm is just dead. Foulke is incredible; he really does seem to thrive on the work.

The Cards have been phenomenal at home, and this will not be easy. They will have their crowd, their weather, and their pride. The Sox will have confidence, Pedro, and a slightly better-rested bullpen. I'm not sure what the Cards are going to do about Game 4, since they used Jason Marquis for an inning tonight. I expect him to start, but not to be expected to pitch more than 5 innings or so. I thought it was a bit desperate of LaRussa to use him tonight. Now his team has to win four of five with a slightly weaker pitching staff.

The Sox are halfway, but each step is that much harder than the previous. But they are half the way there!!!!


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