Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Now It Gets Really Difficult

I know the Sox will say all the right things about getting the Yanks back in "our yard," and I know that Fenway will be rocking Friday night, but this is not going to be easy. The Sox now have to take four out of five from a very proud team, a team that expects to win. This means the Sox must sweep at home and win one of two in New York, or win two at home and sweep a pair in the Bronx. If they get the bats untracked, anything is possible. But except for two innings in Game 1, they have simply not hit. Oh, and their ace may not pitch again. This team was supposed to be different--deeper pitching, equal hitting to the Bombers. So far, the pitching has not done well, the hitting worse.

The motto is, Keep the Faith. And so it shall be kept.


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