Sunday, October 24, 2004

It's Up to Schilling

Curt appears to have no problems with the ankle here in the first; however, Renteria did a great job of making him throw a lot of pitches. Nice to retire Walker after his big Game 1.

If Schilling can stay in the game for a while, giving the bullpen some rest, it will work to the Sox's advantage. As Fox pointed out, they won Game 1 without either of their big two pitchers. But Arroyo was probably supposed to be Schilling insurance, not Wakefield insurance, so there is some risk tonight.

Pujols went down and got a really low pitch and turned it into a double. Now a full count to Rolen--this is a long inning for Curt. Liner right to third. Another bullet dodged. A bit of a limp coming back to the dugout. Swing the bats, men!


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