Tuesday, October 26, 2004

I Need You, Pedro

I know you want out after the season, and frankly I will not weep if you leave. I think your arm is suspect, and you'll want more money than the Sox will be willing to spend on you and your risks.

But Pedro, is there not a more glorious way for you to leave than as a world champion? Could you possibly maximize your value at this point in your career than to carry the label 'winner' with you wherever you go? Even the Yanks need some of that mojo right now.

I know your arm is sore, and you may not have a full tank of gas. All I ask is that you suck it up for one night, pitch like it's 1999, and back the Cards into a corner only the Sox could get out from.

Pedro, it's time to make some history for yourself, your teammates, and the Nation that has embraced you for six years. Seize this moment!


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