Tuesday, October 19, 2004

I Have No Sense of Comfort

Just last year in Game 7, the Yanks were down three with five outs to go, and won, so I feel like there are miles to go tonight. This isn't a Sox fan being fatalistic; this is a Sox fan who has watched too many close games, too many leads disappear, to feel remotely comfortable.

And the Fox guys are already second-guessing Francona for pulling Schilling after 7, while mentioning that Grady Little was second-guessed for making the opposite decision a year ago. This is one of the few truly crucial decisions a manager makes in a game, and I think Francona is making the correct one. You don't want Schilling to pitch into trouble and expect Arroyo to pitch out of it; there is much less pressure for Arroyo to start the inning.


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