Wednesday, October 20, 2004

I Am in Disbelief

I am stunned by what I have seen tonight. Schilling, Arroyo, Foulke--brass cajones all.

Mark Bellhorn--from near-goat to hero.

Three in a row since the debacle that was Game 3. Unprecedented in baseball history.

Yet this is not the history this team wishes to make. You can see it in the post-game lineup; the guys looked happy, but not content. Tonight means nothing--these three gutsy, amazing, epic victories are for naught--if the Yankees go out there and win Game 7. That is the corner the Sox painted themselves into by losing the first three.

Advantages for the Sox: example displayed by Schilling to his mates of what it takes to win at this level; no fear of K Brown; no fear of tired Gordon and tired Rivera; a display of will unprecedented in baseball history.

Advantages for the Yanks: at home; Gordon and Rivera rested in G 6; history, both theirs and the Sox's; expensive lineup includes some guys who have not won a ring; some guys with rings who do not want to be the team that blows the curse; handy access to jackbooted security forces.

I felt at the start of the series that the Yankees' pitching was suspect compared to the Sox's. But their lineup is fearsome; can they stay quiet a fourth straight night? Do the Sox have any emotional reserves on which they can draw? They have, in a way, already played three straight Game 7s; can they win another?

Ultimately, these two old, storied rivals will go into uncharted territory tomorrow night. They will play a Game 7 after one led the other 3 games to none. All bets are off.

And as one fan who gave up after Game 3, let me just say thank you to my Olde Town Team. You showed all of the Red Sox Nation what it truly means to keep the faith. Please, please, just go get one more.


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