Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Greetings from Fargo

It's a balmy 42 degrees here ... baseball weather. I am getting ready to teach a workshop here tomorrow and Thursday.

Meanwhile, Mark Bellhorn has deepened his hole in Beantown, grounding into a DP with the bases loaded. But now Varitek has picked him up, driving in Millar, and clearly Jon Lieber does not have his Game 2 magic going right now.

Schilling is pitching incredibly well, given his balky ankle. Whichever starter lasts longer in this game gives his team a huge edge.

Bellhorn again, with two more runners aboard. He is swinging with so little confidence ... the bat handle is turning to sawdust in his hands. And now he has doubled--sure looked like a homer to me--and has eternal redemption now. That ball hit a fan--that's a dinger! Get the call right!!!! Why the hell do they put an ump on the outfield line, if not for deep flyballs like this??!!?? Why is the conference taking so long? Alleluia! They got it right! Bellhorn for President!


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