Saturday, October 16, 2004

Do or Die

Sure, it's only 0-2, but we all know there is no way the Sox win this series if they lose tonight.

There has been much said (because there's not much else to say) about yesterday's rain; somehow it "slows the Yankees' momentum," whatever that is; it lets the Sox start Pedro at home for Game 5 (if there is one); it gives Schilling another day to rest his ankle; etc. I do think the Sox have a better pen, and losing the off-day Monday could work to the Sox's advantage if they can get into the Yankee pen. But if they don't hit, it won't matter.

I feel great about Arroyo. He has great stuff, definitely does not fear the Yankees--he hit A-Rod, leading to Varitek's hit to the chops this summer--and he has pitched very well in the second half. And the Sox rocked Kevin Brown last time he pitched at the Fens. Game on!


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